SIMULACRUM ecosystem provides you all necessary means to create and publish your adventure or story with an ease. Once you have created your content (images, texts, videos, 3D models etc), it can be assembled and published, fast, without programming. After publishing, these adventures will appear in Simulacrum backed apps within minutes and can be enjoyed immediately. When the adventure or story is downloaded to mobile device, no Internet connection is needed. Users can enjoy adventures high up in the sky or deep under ground. Comprehensive usage statistics is uploaded next time device connects to Internet. 
SIMULACRUM offers large variety of content types that can be assembled together in endless combinations. All adventures and stories can be fully customized, starting from actual content (audio, video, 3D objects) to icons, backgrounds, text colours and fonts. Every adventure will have different look and feel down to the way user actually completes the adventure. Intrigued? More info below.
Use text to guide people and write a magnificent story.
Create images and use them to give a feeling to your game story
Use audio clues or audio guides for people to listen
Make videos to make your game more visual
Add augmented reality to interact with the real world.
Use GPS to send people to a location or track them on a map.
Entertain people with challenging puzzles to keep them engaged
Every good story has a structure. We have gone through the mayhem and created a framework for your stories. Every story that you create in SIMULACRUM follows the general principles: Good story has an introduction, table of contents (dashboard), chapters and epilogue. How the user will walk through your story, is up to you.

Just walking the path will become boring after a while, so make it more interesting by throwing puzzles and assignments on the path, make parts of the story available only in certain time windows, add a prize to the end of the story, or why not small prize scattered around within the story. 

Still not convinced? Well, what is seen here is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us, and we are willing to tell and show you more. Much more.
Simulacrum IS the best of all possible worlds.